Salis and Dulcine

Salis and Dulcine are not just twins, but the best of friends, despite their opposite natures; so when one of them falls into a deadly trap, the other will do anything to rescue their sibling.

This story is from Year 8, The Year of Revisitation
I revisit one of the stories I’ve already written, and write a new standalone story connected to or inspired by the existing one through a character, a place, an object, a continuation of events (okay, sequel), and so on.

Salis and Dulcine are fraternal twins with opposite natures. One of them is sweet. The other is salty. One of them is often avoided by others. One of them is well-liked and popular. And one of them catches the attention of a lonely but powerful recluse.

This story is inspired by the Year Three story entitled “The Brothers Joye and Sorow,” in which twin brothers with opposite natures are born: one able to laugh but never weep, the other able to weep but never laugh.

[Video description: No sound. Duration is 11 seconds. Digital drawing of a young woman facing and leaning forward, seen from the waist up, eyes closed, right hand held out, left arm thrown back. Her face and right hand are tattooed. Silvery-black streams flow all around her.  Behind her to her right are the spectral figures of a smiling young woman holding a young man in a headlock, surrounded by orange light.  Behind all of them is the faint facade of a manor house.  The words “Short Story” are displayed at the top of the image.  Below them are written the story’s genres, “Fantasy – Mythology.”  At the bottom of the video is the story’s title, “Salis and Dulcine.”  As the video progresses, the words fade away. Three lightning strikes are seen in the background by the house, moving from left to right.  At the bottom of the screen, the following words appear sentence by sentence, one above the other, within a rounded-corner background: “Sister Saves Brother.  Brother Saves Sister.  Friend Saves Friend.” The words fade away, replaced by the website name “”]

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 8" and below it in larger font, "Revisitation."

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