Pragmata Agnosta

A young woman has trained and studied so that she could wield the mysterious powers she has inherited.  But they don’t manifest in quite the way she expected...

This story is from Year 8, The Year of Revisitation
I revisit one of the stories I’ve already written, and write a new standalone story connected to or inspired by the existing one through a character, a place, an object, a continuation of events (okay, sequel), and so on.

This story revisits the Year Four story entitled “Amphora Incarnate,” in which a young woman who has accepted the responsibility of being a physical vessel for unknowable powers and knowledge, begins to hear the voices of those powers on the eve of passing them on.  After I’d just done the podcast episode for that story, it inspired me to write about a different young woman, who is also a “living amphora,” and who’s has been training all her life to release and wield the powers she contains rather than passing them on. But the powers she thinks she contains don’t manifest in quite the way she expects…

[Video description: No sound. Duration is 14 seconds. Digital drawing. A young woman with glasses and a bob stands with her back to the viewer and her hands in the pockets of her jacket. She is seen from waist up to the bridge of her nose. Emblazoned on the jacket’s back is a symbol: an owl with wings outspread, as if swooping down to a landing, antlers extending along the inside of the owl’s wings, and two spears rising from behind the owl. On the woman’s right shoulder is perched a bird that looks like a small owl.  The words “Short Story” and “Genre: Fantasy” are displayed in the middle.  The words blur away as the story’s title appears.  The title blurs away, replaced by the tagline, at the top of this page, which appears one sentence at a time. The tagline fades away. An animated glint appears on the woman’s glasses.  Then a sparkling glow appears and pulses over the symbol on her jacket. The website name “” appears at the bottom throughout.]

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology


Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with rings of colored light emanating from the center. Text appears over the rings, reading "Storyfeather Year 8" and below it in larger font, "Revisitation."

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