Digital drawing. The top part of a table in a tavern set before a window. An empty chair sits at left. Portions of the stone wall are visible. At left, a sword is hung up on the wall, the blade partly obscured by the chair. A mask of tragedy is hung before the pommel. The mask has a single tear falling from the left eye. A thorny vine is wrapped around the blade. On the table from left to right sit a plate holding a bowl with a spoon beside a bread roll, a tankard, a lit candle in a holder, and a stein with steam rising from the top. Dark clouds are visible through the diagonal grids of the window.

A stranger in a quiet corner of a tavern is asked to share a story, and tells a tale of a thorn that kills, a sword that heals, and a teardrop that never fell.


A mortal apprentice to an immortal being is tempted to steal the great powers contained within the Cosmic Hourglass to tilt the balance of the cosmos toward good.

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Portal Button. Elongated rectangle. Rings of colored light emanate from the center. Inset on the left, a square with the digital drawing of the Storyfeather logo. To the right of the image, the online course title, "Write A Short Story in Five Weeks." Below the title, the subtitle, "A Doable Method for Procrastinators, Self-Doubters, and Bucket-Listers." Bottom right corner bears a stylized inkwell with a feather emerging from it enclosed by a square. All shapes have curved corners.


Digital drawing. A bird-like creature perched on a tree branch. The body faces left, the head is turned to look forward. The bird has two large rodent-like ears, rodent-like legs, two antennae emerging from the head above the eyes, a large wide beak like that of a shoebill stork, and segments of fur along the chest. Large feathers drape over the bird’s back. Part of the tree is visible at right with one branch arcing over the bird.

A girl puts together an event that everyone thinks is a stunt to break a record, even though she told them it’s a ritual to summon a vast mythic creature.


Digital drawing. A man seen from waist up, facing forward, with hands on hips, a crooked smile, and eyes closed. He wears a pigeon costume. The pigeon head lies over his head, with his full face showing. His arms look like pigeon legs, with the feet forming cuffs around his wrists. At his waist is a band of overlapping feathers, and on his back are two large folded wings.

The origin of a conventioneer’s costume is a myth that reveals the many skills and talents of the humble pigeon.


Digital drawing. Eight rats arrayed in a circle with their tails tied in a pattern. The furthest rat is seen from the back. The rat in the foreground is facing forward and wears a small yellow crown. The other rats are seen in profile. They appear to be sitting atop a watery textured background, which glows where their tails meet.

A rat named Hatcher has hatched a plan that might save his king and colony, and might doom his own life.


Digital drawing. A person seen from the left side, crouching and picking up a shard of glass. The person wears a knee-length coat which flares down from the waist. More shards of glass lie on the floor. The person holds some object in the left hand, and there is ring with a stone on one of the fingers of the right hand. At top left, glass shatters outward from left to right above the person’s head. On the wall or surface behind are faint elemental symbols.

A private investigator realizes her newest case may be linked to her own uncanny past, and a truth she may not be ready to face.

Digital drawing. A collage made of three panels, the center one being square and bigger than the two rectangles that flank it, which are of equal size to each other. From left to right, a long stem flower with six petals and two long leaves running alongside the stem; the front half of a turtle swimming at right, and strands of seaweed and fish swimming behind the turtle; and the bright silhouette of a tall tower with several openings and protruding sections, and the silhouettes of trees on either side.

Every year on her birthday, the daughter of a mage receives a key that unlocks a different world in her enchanted triptych.

Stories centered around a specific theme

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Five Days of Felines highlighted five stories featuring cats from 5/11/21 to 5/16/21

Six Days of Love highlighted six stories of romantic love from 2/9/21 to 2/14/21.

A Handbook of Universal Truths Storyfeather

  1. A Handbook of Universal Truths
  2. The Cosmic Hourglass
  3. All the Mirrors Are Broken