Storyfeather New Legal Policies

To do my best to protect my site users and visitors, and myself, and to make sure that I am in compliance with current legal requirements for site owners and operators, I’ve added the following policy pages: PRIVACY POLICY COOKIE POLICY COPYRIGHT NOTICE DISCLAIMERS AND DISCLOSURES I’ve also enabled a cookie opt-out, and a “Do […]

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Isle of the Fairy Ring

Most of the audience cleared out after the lights came back up. Tommie collected her notes and laptop, watching them go. One person, however, was making her way to the stage. She had both hands in the pockets of her khaki pants as she sauntered over.

“Doctor Leismore,” the woman said, with a nod of her head. “Would you mind if I asked you a few questions? About your talk?”

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The Golden Ratio Theater

Jules forged ahead. “I want to own and operate my own movie theater—specifically the Golden Ratio Triplex.”

For a few seconds she was facing a table full of blinking eyes, raised brows, and mouths on the verge of supportive smiles. But that all collapsed when the moment of comprehension arrived. Jules had braced herself for their reactions to her after-graduation plans. She had promised herself some kind of treat or reward no matter what response she got. A midnight showing of “The Planet from Another Space.” With a bucket of buttered popcorn first, chased by chocolate toffee crunch popcorn for dessert.

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