Forge of the Forsaker

We are descended from a powerful people. So it is said. The most powerful our world has ever known. Their might unmatched. Their domain unending. Their eyes all-seeing.

I am nothing next to them. I am a blade of grass underfoot. A mayfly blinking in and out of existence.

A mortal.

But today I will discover if there are forces in the world mightier than the gods.

For today is the day I bring them down.

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Outer City Magician

“Okay, but can your so-called handyman repair the cracks in your foundation without having to level your whole house and build it up again from scratch?”

I waited. There was silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds. I released the needle of energy I’d been fiddling with between my fingers and sat up. I thought she’d hung up on me.

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Storyfeather New Legal Policies

To do my best to protect my site users and visitors, and myself, and to make sure that I am in compliance with current legal requirements for site owners and operators, I’ve added the following policy pages: PRIVACY POLICY COOKIE POLICY COPYRIGHT NOTICE DISCLAIMERS AND DISCLOSURES I’ve also enabled a cookie opt-out, and a “Do […]

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