Collage of artwork from several short stories with their borders blurred, arrayed around and lying over a background image, a machine or device from the story called “The Arcanomen.” At center is the word “Storyfeather” with the letter “f” represented by a feather quill curved to resemble the letter, and a drop of ink suspended below the nib. Above the feather is another representative image, a scanned watercolor painting of a singing bard playing a lyre. At bottom right, blending into the background colors is a depiction of me, Nila L. Patel.

Hello and welcome to Storyfeather!

I’m Nila Patel.  I’m a fictioneer.  Short story writer and podcaster to be specific. Every week, I write and post a short story with an original piece of artwork.  Most of the artwork on the site is mine.  I’ve indicated where it’s not.  I started in 2013 to accomplish my lifelong dream of fiction-writing.  I’ve written over 500 stories in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, mythology, horror, fable, and fairy tale.  In 2017, I started narrating those stories against a backdrop of music and light sound effects in my podcast.

Nila from shoulders up, face in three-quarters profile, dated 7/11/2022. Photograph with Pen and Wash style/filter applied.
Nila (she/her)

The stories are inspired and informed by my background, the major milestones and the little details. I’ve been enchanted with fiction and storytelling since I was a kid.  One of my favorite books and movies (and concepts) is “The Neverending Story.”  I’ve been intrigued by mythology since the ninth grade, and don’t quite understand why some people find it boring.  I had the fortune of having incredible English teachers throughout high school.  I also had a great Biology teacher.  My formal schooling and work history is in the biological sciences—molecular, if I’m to be specific. 

The Storyfeather endeavor has grown from the first days. There is a merch store, an online course. But the core has been, is, and shall remain the stories.

Lasted Updated: July 2023

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Storyfeather Launch Date: 9 November 2013