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Hello and welcome to Storyfeather.  The first purpose of this site is to fulfill a challenge I have set for myself to write and post one (lightly illustrated) short story every week for a year.  The stories will fall mostly if not completely in the genres of science fiction and fantasy with some horror, mystery, and myth.  I love to write, but it’s difficult to have the self-discipline to go beyond an idea and to complete a story.  And it’s as scary as it is exciting to even think of sharing those stories.

But what the heck.  It’s about time my world invaded this world (a friendly invasion…mostly).  May the stories be told!


Storyfeather Launch Date: 9 November 2013

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  1. Hello Nila, I don’t know what age your audience is, but I am 50 years old almost, and I just love your stories! Especially the long ones. I always put them on to go to sleep with and usually have to finish them the next night. Not that they’re boring, I take a sleeping medication. LOL! But I just have always wanted to reach out to you and tell you you are a wonderful story maker I can’t believe your imagination! You are very gifted. Please continue to make more and I will keep listening! PS I am thrilled there’s no commercials either!! I listen on Spotify.
    Take good care and right on!

    1. Hello Terri,

      Thank you so much for reaching out and for your beautiful comment. I’m honored to receive it. I’m honored to have you as a listener. You made my day. You made my breakfast more delicious! It helps me to me to have specific details too, like how you listen on Spotify, and that you appreciate that there are no commercials. Extra thanks for that. You want more stories? You got it. Season 5 is right around the corner. And by the way, I would still take it as a compliment if some of my stories put you to sleep. I hope you don’t mind my giving a quick thanks to you in a future episode.

      All the best,

      1. Wow, thanks for replying in person, that’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind being mentioned, it would be kind of fun. I’m glad I made your day. That’s one of my goals in life, to make people smile. I would think you would get more listener response. But, I suppose kind of like me, our lives swallow us whole. I am so happy and I cannot wait for the next season. Thanks again for taking time. Take good care Nila

      2. Hi Nila, I can’t believe you mentioned me! That was so much fun. I always look forward to Friday’s and your stories. But I couldn’t believe you actually did it! Thank you, how fun. You made my night. I’m going to have to finish the Imp tonight, I passed out too soon. I really enjoy those first person ones as well. I’ll be listening to you shortly. Take good care!

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