Creature Merch for October 2022

Digital drawing of Nila from waist up, facing forward, left hand on hip. Her head is detached and held in her right hand, which is raised to shoulder level. One brow is raised, mouth is open in a grimace.


I just released new designs in my merch store. Six creatures that I first drew in January, and cleaned up.

Here’s a sampling. You can click on the links under the slideshow to go to that design in the store and take a look at the other available products with these designs. New designs are on sale for 72 hours after release on TeePublic.

  • Screenshot of a baby onesie of the ghoul design from store.
Slide show descriptions

1: Screenshot: Squares displaying the six newly uploaded designs in two rows of three, whose descriptive titles in order are as follows: Part Dog Part Piranha , Desiccated Floating Tardigrade, Kikimora With Dusty Broom, Shark Woman Lamia, Tree Assembled From Bones, Ghoul Crawling on Ground. Text with sale price at time of screenshot and time remaining are displayed under the first three squares.

2: Screenshot: T-shirt with ghoul design

3: Screenshot: T-shirt with kikimora design

4: Screenshot: Tote bag with tardigrade design

5: Screenshot: Mug with piranha-dog design. Part of the description, price, “add to cart” button, and other information from vendor site is displayed at right.

6: Screenshot: iPhone 14 phone case with shark woman design. Part of the description, price, “add to cart” button, and other information from vendor site is displayed at right.

7: Screenshot: T-shirt (female fit) with tree assembled from bones design

8: Screenshot: Baby onesie with piranha-dog design

9: Screenshot: Baby onesie with ghoul design

Part Dog Part Piranha
Desiccated Floating Tardigrade
Kikimora With Dusty Broom
Shark Woman Lamia
Tree Assembled From Bones
Ghoul Crawling on Ground

More to come in November.

In other news, the first issue of the Storyfeather Gazette went out a few weeks ago.  Here’s a link to the archived email if you’d like to take a look. (I’ve also got the link in the sidebar.)

Finally, Year 9 is coming to an end. The last story will be posted this week. I already have a theme in mind for Year 10. It will soon be revealed. In the meantime…

Have a haunting Halloween.


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