Announcement: Storyfeather Merch is Here


The Storyfeather merchandise store on TeePublic has just been launched!

You can click the button below to visit and browse the store.

Portal Button. Elongated rectangle with curved corners. Image of the Storyfeather merchandise storefront banner from TeePublic. Over the image, the words: TEEPUBLIC STORE (T-shirts, cases, mugs, stickers, and more…)

When new designs are released on TeePublic, they’re on sale for the first 72 hours.  So even after today’s holiday sale ends, the newly launched items in my store will still be sold at a discounted price for the next couple of days.  I’ve taken some screenshots of the products currently available. Please check them out in the slide show below.

  • Screenshot of main Storyfeather Teepublic store page showing banner and most recently uploaded three designs.
  • Screenshot of "Four Hands and Four Elements" T-shirt page from Storyfeather Teepublic store.
  • Screenshot of "Wolf Head" T-shirt page section showing other "Wolf Head" products from Storyfeather Teepublic store.
  • Screenshot of "WInter Warrior in Snow" notebook page from Storyfeather Teepublic store.
  • Screenshot of "Angry Gingerbread Man" cloth mask page from Storyfeather Teepublic store.
  • Screenshot of "Red Riding Hood and Wolf in Fog" tote bag page from Storyfeather Teepublic store.
  • Screenshot of "Red Riding and Wolf in Snow" design showing multiple available products in Storyfeather Teepublic store.

Just a note: Not all of the designs are available on t-shirts or other apparel (I disabled that for any design that doesn’t look good on a t-shirt as it is.) However, the site seems to default to listing products as “t-shirt.”

If you have any questions, concerns, design requests, or other feedback, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to address them.


29 November 2021

Kairos and the Phantom

Digital drawing. At right, a man in medieval style clothing stands amid patches of grass and looks shocked. He holds his right hand to his mouth as he gazes at the figure to the left, a man with a gray complexion bowing as he catches an apple. The bowing man is surrounded by a wispy glowing cloak and the colors of his clothing appear to be bleeding into the cloak. At his right foot is a platter of food. A stone sits on or in his left foot. Part of a stream is visible behind the shocked man.

Something terrible had come into the world.  Something evil.  Invisible, intangible. Some corruption that could not be perceived.  And therefore could not be fought.  By the time it had a grip on someone, it was too late.  The corruption seeped into every part of that person, defiling their heart, twisting their thoughts, draining the very life out of their body.

No land was spared.  No person was spared, no matter how pure, how honorable, how fit of body, how courageous of heart.  No place was hidden from this corruption. 

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The Arcanomen

Digital drawing. A machine. Large central disc at center resembling an astrolabe, but without any markings around the rim, and only one pointer. The disc is supported by one small leg at left of viewer and a larger apparatus at right with a large hand crack attached and a small spinning lever below the crank. All other parts are behind the central disc. At left are arrayed three smaller discs with hands of various shapes and lengths. Left top, a polyhedron with knobs and circular openings. Above center, three pointers. Right top, a ring facing forward orbited by three rings at vertical and symmetrical angles.

Who built it, none can now say.  The ancestors of our ancestor’s ancestors might have known.  But that knowledge—that name—was lost.  It faded from memory.  It even faded from myth.  How it was built, none can now say.  When and where it was built, none can now say. 

But what the machine was and why it was is a story that still remains in the collective memory of the people who are descended from those who lived in the Age of the Arcanomen.

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A Realm Without Rain

Digital drawing. Silhouette of a hooded figure seen from the back and from waist up, standing in front of a large window with twelve panes. Two glowing translucent wings, delicate like a fly’s, emerge from the figure’s back. The window is framed with dark fuzzy curtains. Outside, gray clouds loom overhead. A few spots of light and hazy shapes are visible past a haze of rain, falling at an angle. A few drops and trickles of water appear on the window glass.

“Tell me of your wanderings,” my sovereign said, as I bowed before them.

“I bring gifts and I bring tidings,” I said.  I gestured to the pallet of goods from the land I had recently visited. 

“Have you found a worthy place?” my sovereign asked, ignoring my gifts.

I raised my head, but kept my eyes lowered.  “Yes, sovereign.  Worthy, but…I encountered a great challenge.”

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Citizen Forsaken

Digital drawing. Center left, a humanoid figure seen from waist-up and in profile reaches out with the left arm toward a ball of light surrounded by hazy light at top right corner. The figure has six digits on their hand and an elongated ear that rises into their flowing hair and above their head. Bottom right, dark hazy shapes suggesting skyscrapers and high-rises at night. The sky appears filled with iridescent clouds. Ghostly after images of the figure appear around the figure.

When the disaster happened, or the event, or whatever it was—I still don’t know to this day—I hadn’t yet noticed how much yellow there is in the lower city. 

There’s not a lot of yellow where I come from—except for light and that’s different—but here, in the lower city, it seems to be everywhere.

Maybe I’m from here now.  After a year, maybe I’m from Los Angeles.

I’ll say that to myself, sometimes aloud as I stare at the silent, solid bathroom mirror. 

As I try to stare into the mirror.

Home used to be that close.  I stepped through a mirror and I was in Los Angeles.  And I was supposed to step through a mirror and be right back home again.

But now there’s nothing to see but my own reflection.

And home may as well be a galaxy away.

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Coming Soon Storyfeather Merch

  • Screenshot of the empty storefront of the Storyfeather merchandise store on TeePublic, displaying a banner with a collage of images. At the bottom left corner of the banner is an image of storeowner Nila’s face through an artsy filter. Next to that image are the words “Storyfeather” and “Earth,” indicating the store name and location. Below the bio image is a brief store bio. Below the main portion of the banner are various links and a search bar and sort buttons. The store contents currently read “There are no designs to display.” The screenshot is set within a frame with a title at top reading “Under construction.”
  • Screenshot of storefront displaying a few designs that are in progress. A watermark of the word "storyfeather" lays over the images.The top left corner reads “Inactive Designs” indicating these designs have been loaded, but not yet released. The four designs on the top row are titled “Dreamy Ladybug on Curly Fern,” “Four Hands and Four Elements,” “Mirror Portals,” and “Wolf Head.” The two designs at bottom are titled “Red Riding Hood and Wolf.” The titles are meant to be descriptive and therefore may or may not reference the associated short story.

The Storyfeather merchandise store on TeePublic is coming soon.  Here is an image of the storefront (slide 1) and a few designs that I will launch with (slide 2).

My aim is to launch on 11/15/21 mid-November 2021.  I am optimizing, and in some cases revising, the designs (images) that I’ll be putting on merchandise.  

Once I launch, I will release new designs on a regular basis, likely 1-2 per month. 

When new designs are released on TeePublic, they’re on sale for the first 72 hours.  So I’ll post an announcement when these first designs are ready for purchase.  The announcement will have a link to the store. I’ll also put a link in the site’s main menu. 

If you have any questions, concerns, design requests, or other feedback, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to address them.


[Post updated on 11/9/21. Launch date will be somewhat delayed, but will still be in November 2021. Apologies for any confusion. The next announcement I post will be after the store is launched.]

P. S.
Back in 2015, I launched an online store on Zazzle.  It still exists.  People can still purchase things from there (wolf design temporary tattoos seem to be popular). But it’s basically defunct, so I removed the link.  I plan on revisiting the Zazzle store in the new year. I’d like to revitalize it if it makes sense to do so, because they have a different set of merchandise. But for now, the focus will be on the new store.

The Distant Proximity

Digital drawing.  Two figures in silhouette stand in front of a car seen in three-quarters view from back.  The car’s headlights are on. The figure at left holds up a device.  They’re in an open field at night. The sky is full of stars. Before them appears a large glowing shape that extends out of frame.

“We’re receiving a Proximity alert, I take it.”  Jora walked in and leaned over the console, scanning the incoming stream of data.

“They really should have called it something else,” I said, as I started up the retrieval protocol.


“I mean it’s confusing.”


I swiveled my chair toward her.  “Does it mean it’s closer or farther away?”

Jora glanced over at me and grinned.  “If you don’t know that, how did you get assigned to this station?”

I shrugged.  “I’m sure the person who hired me knew what they were doing.”

She elbowed me lightly.  “I hope I did.”

I swiveled back to the console and continued handling the incoming data.  “You did.  Trajectory just came in.  It’s not headed to Earth…this time.”

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