Course Pre-Sale Ending Soon


Storyfeather School for Fictioneers

The pre-sale is over.
But the course is still available.
Enter the portal below!

Launched July 20, 2021!

Portal Button. Elongated rectangle. Rings of colored light emanate from the center. Inset on the left, a square with the digital drawing of the Storyfeather logo. To the right of the image, the online course title, "Write A Short Story in Five Weeks." Below the title, the subtitle, "A Doable Method for Procrastinators, Self-Doubters, and Bucket-Listers." Bottom right corner bears a stylized inkwell with a feather emerging from it enclosed by a square. All shapes have curved corners.

[Video description: Course Instructor, Nila Patel, seen from elbows up, sitting in front of a wood paneling background, and facing the camera. Some kind of paper craft artwork with geometric shapes—obviously added to provide variety in the background—hangs on the wall above her left shoulder.]

Here’s a transcript of the video above:

Hello, it’s Nila. I’m here to remind you about the pre-sale for my online course.  It’s called “Write A Short Story in Five Weeks: A Doable Method for Procrastinators, Self-Doubters, and Bucket-Listers.” 

Let’s say you know the basics of writing fiction. You have a character study here, a line of dialogue there, and bits and pieces that you’re not sure how to put together, or maybe you’ve never tried because the thought of it is frustrating or overwhelming. This course can help.

Or if you’re starting from scratch with a completely blank page, this course can help.

There are tons of free resources out there, which is great. But the challenge is figuring out which ones can help you, and where to begin. Where to go next. And next after that.  Maybe you even know all the steps.  You know WHAT to do.  Just not HOW to do it. That’s where it helps to have some guidance from someone who’s done it a lot. 

I’ve written 400 stories, so many stories that I’ve developed a workflow that you can use as a template, a shortcut, if you will, to customize your own method. And a way for you to judge which tools and resources will be helpful to you in the rest of your writing journey.

There are only a few days left. The pre-sale ends on July 20.  That’s this coming Tuesday.  So if you’re interested in checking it out—or better yet enrolling in the course—go to the link below and click the button that says “Write A Short Story in Five Weeks: A Doable Method for Procrastinators, Self-Doubters, and Bucket-Listers.”

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