Storyfeather Year Six



This week’s story will be posted soon. This is the anniversary post for Storyfeather’s sixth year!

The Year of Definitions is done! That was the theme for Storyfeather Year Six.

Year Six’s stories aimed to center around dictionary words that were uncommon or at least unfamiliar to me.  Many of the words ended up in the title or as names of characters.  This theme was more difficult than I expected!

Thank you to everyone who read even a single story. And if you liked or commented, thank you again. Thank you for your time and interest, and for being a part of Storyfeather, especially Year Six.

A lot happens in the sixth year stories.  A lone astronaut and a ship’s A.I. spend two decades trapped in an inescapable spatial anomaly.  Two caterpillar fairies think they’re dying and attend a grand fairy ball as a last hurrah.  A mortal apprentice to an immortal being attempts to steal the Cosmic Hourglass to tilt the balance of the cosmos toward good.  And a woman is hired by a wealth family as a spy because of her ability to astral project…

I’ve written over 300 stories now (see my Instagram highlight on the 300-story milestone). And I just posted my 100th podcast episode (currently I’m in Season Two, in which I’m narrating stories from Storyfeather Year Two.  Year Six was a worthy challenge, but I’m glad to be moving on.

Storytelling is still my true love, still my destiny, still my path.

Year Seven is on the horizon.  Here’s to seeing what stories will brew.  I hope you’ll come along.

I have stories to tell you.

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