The Curse of the Gray Hunger


Quill 155 Curse of Gray Hunger Image 1 FinalThree beautiful sisters were they, in those days.  They had eyes the color of jade with shades of honey flecked within.  They had hair like golden silk.  Their lovely smiles were made lovelier still by their dazzling white teeth.  As might be expected with beauty so bold, they were envied by many.  They were coveted by many.  Their mother fretted and feared over that envy and longing.  She did not want to lock up her daughters for fear of the world.  But one day, her fears came true.

A powerful lord came to desire the sisters.  When they refused his advances, he had a warlock curse them.  He demanded they be cursed with an eternal hunger for all men.  Though his intention was to inflict upon them the same longing that they inspired in him, the warlock’s curse had a different effect.  The sisters were afflicted with a hunger not of their hearts or their loins, but of their bellies.  For they became consumed with a ravenous hunger for the flesh of man. Continue reading

The Wizard of All Ways


Quill 154 Wizard of All Ways Image 1 FinalThey advanced on Hector’s master, the sorceress.  They looked like men, but Hector knew they were not.  The spell his master had cast upon his eyes would not last forever, but while it did, he could see their true nature.  The spell revealed the “men” for the wretched creatures they truly were.  Monstrosities, their rotting flesh torn and seeping with sickly gray effusion as they were forced through the gates of their underworld prison.  Demons.  The sorceress held a most precious treasure, which the demons’ master desired.  She had it in her arms, even as they surrounded her on the high hill behind her home.  She spotted Hector.  She held aloft the tome.

“Swallow it!” she cried, and as she tossed the book to him, it shrank until it was the size of his thumbnail. Continue reading

Titan Matter


Quill 153 Titan Matter Image 1 Final Alt“What’s the secret ingredient?”



Castor smiled as his memory moved through the days before it all went horribly wrong for a few, even as hope remained for everyone else.  A few moments before, he had been sitting stiffly on his lab stool hunched over a microscope.  But the alarm on his phone had sounded, a jaunty jazz number that reminded him of happier days.

The secret ingredient in the biomaterial that had been used to treat, to cure, to advance the five volunteers lying in one of the most advanced burn wards in the world, was neither love nor magic.  But anyone might have thought so, the way the stuff brought those folks back to life.   Continue reading