Beast of Chainmaker“What agency are you all from?” the sheriff asked the group of dark-suited men and women who had just entered the building.

A tall dark-haired man in a steel gray suit stepped forward and handed the sheriff a black card.  The sheriff looked at the card.  It was blank.  He turned it over and found another blank side.

The man introduced himself as Joe Chan, then named the members of his team.

Agent Chan explained that the black card was keyed to the sheriff’s thumbprint and when pressed would show the needed contact information.  “Once you verify my credentials, I’d like to have a briefing on the latest attacks.” Continue reading

The True Tale of Jack Sprat


Jack SpratHad they listened to their father, the children would have been safe in their beds on that blustery night.  But as it was, they were shivering before a pitiful fire no bigger than a candle flame and just as delicate, while a pack of goblins stood by the cave mouth arguing over what to do with their prize of three healthy children. Continue reading

The Three Invincibles


Three InvinciblesThere was a proclamation sent out on the day of the prince’s birth.  The king and queen wanted no harm to come to him and challenged their subjects, noble and commoner, merchant and beggar and royal alike, to find a way to make their son invincible to all harm.  No sword or arrow should pierce him.  No illness befall him.  For the king and queen had already lost twelve children before him. Continue reading

Princess Automaton


Princess Automaton“Please, Highness, it will only take a moment.”

“I’m sorry, goodwoman.  I don’t have a moment.  I must be on my way, but I will send help to you.”

With that, High Princess Leonora signaled her carriage driver to continue on and nodded to her guard to ride ahead.  He would find a cart and bring it back to the old woman and escort her and her broken wagon into the capitol.

“If you could spare a moment to speak with her, you could have spared a moment more for someone in our party to help fix her wagon,” said Leonora’s godmother, who sat across from the princess.

“The state it was in, they would have had to build her a new one,” Leonora said.  She turned and her bright blue eyes were filled with the weight of cares yet unfulfilled.  “That would have taken longer than a moment.  And I didn’t see you raising your wand, Godmother.”   Continue reading