Storyfeather Year One

Storyfeather Year One

Storyfeather Year One, Copyright © 2014 Sanjay Patel.


This week’s story will be posted by midnight Sunday, November 9.

In today’s post, I want to thank everyone who read even one of the fifty-two stories I have posted thus far on Storyfeather.  Thank you for your time and your interest.  Thank you for supporting my dream.  Thank you for being part of Storyfeather, Year One!

A story a week for a year.  That was the challenge I set for myself when I launched Storyfeather in November 2013.  I actually did it!  And I will keep going.  The fun, the frustration, the sleep-deprivation, the awkwardness of explaining to others what that deadline is that I have every week, the last-minute scramble to revise and edit and to conjure an image, the victorious nod and dopey smile when I post yet another story…it is all worth it.  I hope to add a few more elements to the site in the second year, such as a store.  Some of that is in progress.  In the meantime, I’ll stare at the above image and pat myself on the back for just a while longer.

The above image is a picture I took of artwork created by Sanjay Patel to commemorate Storyfeather’s one-year anniversary.  Each image block represents one of the stories from the first year in the order it was posted.  A lot happened in the year one stories.  Magic beans, a portal in a boy’s stomach, a journey to the afterworld, aliens, furies, telekinesis…

Here’s to seeing what year two brings.

Long Live Stories!


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