The Mirror of Liriope


Liriope's MirrorMirrors are not to be trifled with.  Once, there were many taboos associated with mirrors.  The taboos became superstitions and the superstitions began to fade.  Some remain in present times.  But once, even children knew that one should never turn one’s back on a mirror.  Even children knew that one should keep a candle or torch nearby when looking in a mirror, even during the daylight.  That one should never crack or break a mirror, and if a mirror should break, one should cover it quickly, gather the pieces and bury them in the ground.  If the mirror was too big for that, then one should flee or else be ready for a terrible battle with a terrible enemy.
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Godsfear WeaverIn those days, there were many gods ruling over many realms.  Some realms were ruled by just and jolly gods.  Some by stern and distant gods.  The southern realm was ruled by callous and petty gods.

The people of the southern realm were gods-fearing people, who prayed and tithed and always and ever gave the gods what the gods were due.  Among these was a husband and wife who were both weavers.  One day, the weaver-woman died, leaving a grieving husband behind.

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Vela Natura


Vela Natura Velella velellaA name is not an idle whim.  A name can be mighty or ruinous.  A name can exalt.  Or it can curse.  A name can hold one still.  Or it can transform.

Vela Valora was the sailor’s name.  Her family was not particularly wealthy.  And while they were noble in spirit, they were not noble in blood.  But House Valora was—as Vela sought to be—courageous, loyal, honorable, and strong.  Vela had never known need or poverty or true sickness.  She had been taught kindness and charity by a mother and father who practiced kindness and charity.  But Vela was young in those days.  Her simple understanding of charity was that she, as the giver of aid, must be superior in some way to those who were the receivers of aid.  She had a heart, but it was a proud one.

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