Pertempus LogoI knew it was going to happen.  I remember that I came awake and heard him tossing and turning.  We still shared a room then, even though I was too old for that and wanted my own.  We still slept in bunk beds.  He was right below me.  And I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and pulled myself over the edge of my bed and leaned down just in time to see him slowly vanish. Continue reading

The Wandering Star


It wThe Wandering Staratches me with those strange eyes.  Even you, love, cannot imagine such eyes.  This is the third night I have been assigned to watch it—him, I’ll call it “him.”  The creature deserves that much dignity.  The first night, I did not look toward him.  I thought I felt him watching me, but I admit to you and only you, that I was afraid.  I am a rational and curious person.  That’s why I asked to be given watch over him.  But my imagination can run as wild as that of the most superstitious sailor, especially out here in the vastness.  We are farther now from home than any ship has sailed since before the war.  After so many days, my excitement has waned, and my restlessness has waxed.

The crew’s whisperings about the creature, about it bringing bad luck, about its deadly powers, had seeped passed my rational mind and into my fears.  Being on watch means actually watching and yet, I am ashamed to say, if not for my partner, the creature could have set himself on fire, or levitated the cell key toward himself, or done any manner of tricks and mischief that first night because I wasn’t watching him at all.  To make matters eerier, the lights are so dim.  We must keep them so, for we are rationing our fuel.  Someone miscalculated.  But then who can tell when it’s night and when it’s day when trapped in the bowels of the ship?  I keep watch in the whale’s belly, while the captain and officers watch from its eyes. Continue reading

The Crimson Hood


The Crimson Hood Image 2 Final1

For the second time, she held the still-warm hand in her own hands.  And it felt wrong.  She slipped to her knees beside the bed.  She felt tears spill from her eyes and as they tracked down her face and dripped from her chin to the ground, she saw that the liquid was a watery red.  Her tears had mingled with blood.

How did blood get on my face?

She turned her head and looked at what remained of the body that once was her grandmother.  She frowned in confused thought.

Where is she?

She had been there, in that body.  Now she was not.  Where was she?

She heard a noise in the doorway and if it was her attacker again, she would have perished right then, for she did not turn.  She heard the clomping of boots and knew it was just the axman returning.  He was breathing heavily through his nose.

“Whatever it was attacked your gran and you, it’s still out there, miss,” the axman said in a gentle but firm tone.  “I must get you out of here and safe to my cottage.  It’s nearby.  My kin will look after you while I hunt this creature down.” Continue reading