The Mind-Mover



Jovialis  (jovanidine beta-fumarate, 10mg, 20mg, and 50 mg tablets)

“Stop teeking and start living!”

Manufacturer: Biopharmix International

Indications: For the prevention of telekinesis (TK) and symptoms of TK.  Use only as directed by a physician or other medical professional.  Do not miss doses or medication may not have expected effect.  If symptoms persist or return, please contact your doctor immediately.

Contraindications: Do not use in combination with neuronal enhancement drugs or select apoptosis inhibitors.  Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding.  Not intended for individuals under the age of 12.

Side effects may include depression, dementia, nausea, muscle weakness, memory loss, or temporary loss of sight in one or both eyes.

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The Dolls


The Winsome CrestI heard the splashing, gravelly sound of a car moving toward my direction as I lay in the snow.  I slowly raised my eyelids.  I was looking up at the sky.  Rain had seemed imminent earlier, but now cutting winds had begun herding the dark clouds away, revealing patches of fierce blue sky and slivers of sunlight.

I found I was able to turn my head.  I turned to my left, blinking against the bright glare of the snow.  I saw my car.  The doors were still open.  My left hand lay before my face in a pile of bloody slush.  I felt no pain from it.  I tried to move my fingers.  No luck. I tried to move my arms, to raise myself up, but I couldn’t.  I couldn’t feel my arms.  I couldn’t feel my legs.

A glaze washed over my eyes.  I realized that I couldn’t blink.  My left ear and cheek didn’t feel cold or wet or even numb.  The sound of the approaching car became hollow and distant, as if my ears were stuffed with cotton.

Where is Buckles?

I couldn’t see into my car.  I couldn’t see if the dolls were still there.

The approaching car stopped behind mine.  Doors opened and slammed shut.  A woman in a long red coat rushed to the backseat of my car.  A scar like lightning streaked across her left cheek.  She pulled out a doll.  The doll’s limbs dangled and swayed, but then the arms stiffened, bent at the joints, and embraced the woman.  My failing ears heard coughs, sneezes, moaning, and whispering.  I couldn’t call out.  I couldn’t produce tears.  I couldn’t close my eyes to my sad dream. It was a dream, only a dream, because Dinah Winsome was dead.  She was a dead doll, and so were her children.

And so was I.

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The Last of the Nine Lives Cats


Cat's Eye“It’s everywhere,” the grizzled old cat said.  “It surrounds us.”  And he heard the expected fear-filled gasps and murmuring among his audience.

“This everywhere demon, what is it called grandsire?” one gray-striped kitten asked, his eyes round as saucers, his expression bold and bright as the moonlight above.

“We don’t have a name for it, kit,” the old cat replied, “but the Hind-leggers call it Traffic.”

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IgnotusThe screen faded in to a view of the dark dripping stain on the first floor ceiling.  Water from the burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom had bled through.  The camera eye swung down, glided up and over other personnel and bobbed as it followed Agent Gary Takita, who dodged his head from the drops as he marched toward the woman on the sofa.  The camera eye veered away to the fireplace mantle for a moment to scan framed pictures of the family that lived there.  The glass covers of most had shattered.  Only a few had survived the calamity.  The camera eye whipped back to Agent Takita’s point of view.  He was looking straight ahead at the person who was tagged as the primary witness.

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